Importance of Log Furniture Plans

Log furniture plans are very important especially for a person who wants to engage in DIY projects. This is because they usually give a person a variety of ideas that they can work with to make the products they want. The plans can be sourced from a number of places such as online and from books where you can get a step to step guide on what you are supposed to do to end up with a great end product you will be proud of. In addition to this the plans can also help you:

Select good wood 

The log furniture plans offers valuable advice that can be used to select the best wood for your projects. There are different kinds of wood that can be used to build log furniture such as cedar, hickory and pine which are some of the excellent choices. For instance, steam bent hickory can be used to make log furniture as it is durable and flexible. Red cedar holds up for a long time while northern white cedar is strong and it does not rot. Pine on the other hand is strong and cheap wood but it is important to note that it scratches easily. Other woods that are recommended for these projects include poplar and redwood.

Preparing the logs 

Going through log furniture plans also shows you how to prepare the wood before you can start using it. Log furniture can either be made without the bark or with it but it has to be prepared regardless of the option you choose. Logs normally feature imperfection such as dents, knots and burrs that should be sanded smooth. Dust created during the process can be removed with a damp or lint free cloth. Wood without bark can be stained or finish can be put on the one that has bark.

The right tools 

Reading and understanding log furniture plans also helps you know the proper tools that need to be used for the job. This is vital as it ensures you complete the projects easily. Some of the tools needed include a drawknife that is used to peel the logs, tenon cutter that is used to cut protrusions or tenons at the end of the logs. A forstner bit is used to drill clean and accurate holes which make the process of aligning the holes pretty easy and the bench vice is used to holds the logs in place securely. Make sure you buy high quality tools that will work in the best way possible.