The Proper Way to Buy Bed Linen

Buy Bed Linen

The Proper Way to Buy Bed LinenNo matter what kind of bed linen you are looking for ñ whether they may be bed sheets, duvet sets or bed throws ñ the factors that you need to take into account will remain the same.

The Technical Side of Bedding Sets

Cotton is the most common type of fabric used for bed sheets. There are different types of cotton, though, and they can make a difference with regard to the quality of your sleep.

Egyptian ñ Itís arguably the most popular type of cotton used for bed sheets, and theyíre certainly the most luxurious, too. This type of cotton is highly absorbent, giving the fabric a strong but breathable quality.
Organic ñ Basically, this could be any type of cotton grown through completely natural means. Nothing chemical in nature like herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers should be used for producing organic cotton. Duvet sets and bed throws made of organic cotton would bear a certification seal from the United States government.
PIMA ñ This type of cotton is known for its exceptional quality and is endemic to the Southwest region of the United States.
SUPIMA ñ This is actually a shortened term for ìsuperior pimaî. It is the best type of PIMA cotton used for creating bed linen and can only be harvested by certified American farmers.
Other Types of Fabrics

Bed sheets are not always made of cotton, though. Other fabrics may also be used, including but are not limited to the following:

Synthetic ñ This type of fabric is manmade. Polyester would probably be one of the most popular types of synthetic fabrics used for creating bed sheets. The best thing about synthetic fabrics is that theyíre not prone to creasing. Thatís good if you donít like fixing your bed all the time. However, they wonít promise the most comfortable sleep. Theyíre not what you would call breathable fabrics, which means you need to have good ventilation in your room if you donít want to wake up sweating.
Blend ñ If bed sheets are made of blended fabrics then that would typically be a mixture of polyester and cotton. Blended cotton would be a mixture of synthetic and natural fibres. Blended bed sheets are more comfortable to use than those made of plain synthetic fabrics, but they are less durable at the same time.
Modal ñ This type of fabric has a texture and quality similar to silk. Itís the kind youíd find draped on a bed rather than something youíd have to tuck the corners for.

Bed sheets come in a variety of designs so thatís something you need to consider as well. Always choose a design that would match the overall colour scheme and theme of your bedroom.

Opt for paint colours if you want an elegant feel for your bedroom.
Floral designs make for a romantic atmosphere and would be great for bedrooms shared by couples.
Colourful prints and patterns would be a great choice for bedrooms owned by kids and teenagers.
With these tips, you wonít have a hard time shopping for the best bed linen to use in your home.